Mother of two. Photographer, and (sometimes) blogger.

That sums me up in a few words- but there is always more.

We are a military family that moves around just about every 2 years (sometimes more, sometimes less)
And it ain't easy, but we do our best and it makes us stronger. We have also been lucky to experience and live in different locations which rocks! So it isn't all bad!

My two girls are 6 and 2. Both quite the little ladies and spirited. Wild in fact, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My love of photography grew exponentially when I had my first baby. I was dying to record everything in order to hold on to the memories.
and when she got sick (life threatening adrenal tumor) it taught me even more so, how important it is to document everything. the good , the bad, and everything in between. Because life is  not just good moments, but the struggles make us appreciate the golden moments even more.

We currently live on the coast of South Carolina- the very same place my husband and I met 10 years ago! (how's that for irony!) For that we are thankful. Life is truly a full circle sometimes. I have a love of vintage items and old cameras (I've got a growing collection) so I will be posting photos of both my film and digital ventures.

And, from time to time I may also blog about a few of my other favorites: music, books, food, travel, fashion.
I can't promise that you will always find the same thing here, because I am ever-changing and just as I evolve, so will my blog.
Hope you will follow me along. Thanks for joining  me.

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