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OK, if ya'll are going to know anything about me is that I am a huge music fan. I love just about every type, and I don't go a day without listening to music. In the car, at home. Everywhere. Music truly inspires me. Always has. Always will.

So, I will take great pride in sharing some of my musical faves. Some will be current, some may be oldies. but goodies.  But, my goal is to share the love, and inspire others, just as I'm inspired by music.

Each Monday I will be posting a "music monday" post on my blog. Until then here's a little something I heard about a month ago. I still can't get it out of my mind.

 Ben Howard-- Only Love
PINK's Try. What can I say? love this song. I'm a fan of PINK, I think she is so unique and her voice has that raspy beautiful-ness. And the video is so strong too. Of Monster's & Men. Kind of a sad song, but so beautiful. Their voices are so serene together. I just stumbled upon CHet Faker's version of "No Diggity" on You Tube and I kinda fell in love with it. So, I'll share it with ya, if you could use a little soul right now. (and who couldn't?) This one has been out for quite a while but in case you have never heard. How can you not love the paper planes song by MIA? Here's a good rainy day song (if it is raining where you are, like it is here today)by The Menahan Street Band. I wont lie and say I am the world's biggest Jazz fan. Overall, I tend to like and relate best to music that has lyrics.  But, I like what the Menahan Street band produces. Really cool stuff. Take a listen.

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