Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Jennifer Edgerton Photography

One of my personal goals (for the new year?) is to photograph more , and not just more. But to share more of the things that I do photograph. I figure, why not combine two things that make me happy (photography and blogging) and create a blog about it all! AND maybe meet a few new souls here and there along the way.

My personal inspiration and style is a photo-journalistic in nature, I tend to photograph daily life stuff that many may just pass by without giving a second glance. But me, I see the beauty in it. However, no doubt since we are living long the coast of South Carolina, the beauty of the area beckons me to photograph it as well and I just may do more of that.

Being a 365 day blog, I shall post at least one photo a day. It may be a photo- it may be a digital photo (I use a Canon 7D), or one of my medium format film cameras (yes, I do love film cameras too), or a simple iPhone shot I took.

I look forward to sharing--and hearing-- from you.


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