Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organization |Yay? Nay? |

I'm all for bettering myself.

So far we are about a month into the new year of 2013.

And so far I have stuck to my "eating healthier" goal, my 30 day green smoothie challenge (Ok I fibbed 2 or 3 days when I needed to go grocery shopping desperately but that is all, I swear!) and keeping up with exercising in some capacity 4-5 days a week.

My goal of getting myself/my life/my home more organized???. ..Umm..well.. I am working on that one.

God knows I am not the most organized of people. Nor am I a neat freak. Not hardly. I attribute those things to being more laid back, and kind of a right brained person. Granted, having kids makes you become more organized in a sense. And, being married to a military man does too. (Although being married to me as well as having two daughters has also changed him and forced him to become less of a neat freak, haha!)

But, really, I DO want to be more organized. I like to think that I'm artistic and I'm just not predisposed to the organization gene as much as others are. That might sound ridiculous to some people, but that is how I have thought of it. :)

I also blame attribute some of this on moving around so darn much! How am I ever to get organized when we are moving so often and a quarter of my things I feel like I am just digging out of a box when it is time to up and move again??! Do ya blame me ??

However, I have found my lack of organization also limits me. For instance. I love clothes but keeping my closet and shoes neat and tidy is something I've always had issues with. So here I have clothes, and love shopping, but finding a certain piece of clothing on any given day is not my forte'. Just when I am looking for one thing, I don't know where it is!t! (Which is frustrating.)

Another example: I started a Photography Workshop two weeks ago on Clickin Moms. I love learning new things when it comes to photography and after years of owning a nice DSLR , realize I still have lots to learn about it all. We have weekly photo assignments and daily posts to make, but yesterday my camera's battery died and.. I spent at least an hour and a half searching the house for my charger. I cannot remember where I last placed it. The dining room? The 3rd floor play area? Ughh!! Today I still cannot find it. Frustrating!

Personally, one way of making myself feel more organized is by cutting back on the amount of "stuff" we have in our house by either selling on Craigslist or donating to Goodwill. You know, things we don't use anymore (like old baby items, or clothes that I'm just not into/bored or tired of) Plus, it makes me feel good that i'm giving these things a new home!

But, I still need a LOT of help in the organization department. I recently saw these books on Amazon and I am considering investing in a few. All deal with organization. I have no idea how good they are or not, but the reviews are decent. I thought I would share with you all that also may need a bit of help.
From those of you that are already totally awesome organized - share with me and the rest of us how you do it!!

I'd love to hear from you!


Books on organization  that may or may not rock (from amazon)

Now..if only I had time to read them all!!

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  1. You know, I am pretty organized. But getting to this point has taken time. My top tip is just do it now, whatever it is. Short bursts are okay. Organize half your shoes, then give yourself a treat. And once you're feeling like, wow, I'm organized, you need to step up to keep it that way but putting stuff away in the moment. Never let anything pile up. And start culling! VVA and the Epilepsy Foundation are your friends bc they do pick ups. No need to drive your old junk away!