Friday, February 1, 2013

&(%$##!! | Watermarks |

Many photographers watermark their online images for security and protection of their images. Makes sense. I used to do this, and then got lazy. But then yesterday I read a story online about someone swiping photos of their kids off off a photo sharing community (Flickr) and using them in not nice ways.

This morning I sat down to make a Watermark.   So that I too, can start protecting my images (as much as possible) on the internet.

I thought I remembered how to do this. I thought maybe it would take me 15 minutes tops to bust one out.

Well, you know what i learned this morning?

That I suck at making watermarks!!!!!! (And anything to do with photoshop Elements in general.)

I have spent the past hour reading through them, and I still can't get a darn good looking watermark. I don't even want it to be fancy. 

Just basic. And I know I prefer the Png type, because I don't deal with brushes. Ever.

I need to take a class on how to do this stuff. There are hundreds of free online tutorials on this very topic (and you have probably seen them online if you are too a photographer).

Anyone want to make me one? Because seriously, this is what I came up with. Go ahead and laugh. ;)

 How I got my last name to be more highlighted than the other words is beyond me??!! ( I did not do so intentionally) Hmm...

Oh and I thought I had made a box for this to go in. But, nope. Looks like that did not work either. 

Are you a photographer who also struggles with photo editing software??? Makes me feel frustrated (cursed at my computer on and off for the past hour, thankfully little one #2 was watching TV and not listening at the time!)  
So, am  I the world's most most incompetent at Photoshop Elements photographer??!! 



  1. Hey girl! I just learned how to do watermarks. I did it in Lightroom, do you use it? I could help you out! It takes just a few minutes!


    Here's a quick tutorial on watermarking in LR4.

    1. Hi Kelsey!

      Thanks for your response. Yes, I use (and love Lightroom). So, I will check out that link. I didn't even realize I could use LR to make a watermark. Thought it had to be done in PS/Elements! Thanks again!