Monday, February 11, 2013

Music | Mondays-- The Grammy's Edition

Did you watch the Grammy Awards last night? Even though I'm a huge fan of music I don't generally watch awards shows all that often anymore but I'm going to post a Grammy edition of my first Music Monday in honor of them.

First up, the band "Mumford and Sons" is fantastic, and have gotten a lot of worthy press. They also took home a Grammy last night for Album of The Year.

Check out Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait". (I should note that this band is one of my husband's faves, so it gets played a lot while my kids are in his car. I wish I had video of my two year old belting this song out, as it is quite cute, but sadly I do not)

Another remarkable group? "Florence + the Machine"
Even though they did not win a Grammy, they were nominated for best pop/group performance. If you haven't heard of Florence + The Machine, give them a chance and listen /watch this You Tube video of their song "shake it out". Just soo good.
  Every heard of the band, "Alabama Shakes"? I hadn't either until last year. They were one of the "buzz" bands of 2012 but ironically all still had day jobs in 2011! Pretty cool, huh?
At first sound I immediately really liked their Album debut song "Hold On" because I thought it had such gumption and strong vocals (Although I have to admit, the first few times I heard the song on the radio I actually thought the lead singer was male. I was wrong. Whoops!)
Unfortunately, I don't think they left with an official Grammy but they were nominated for three Grammy awards including best new artist/rock performance.
Give em' a listen.

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