Friday, February 8, 2013

Pinterest | Roundup | Valentine's Day edition

Are you all getting ready for Valentine's Day next week?!?

 We are !!!

I confess, I never would have considered decorating or really getting into Valentine's Day much prior to having kids. Even though Valentine's Day is kinda special due to the fact that I actually MET my husband on Valentine's Day. (I know. How cute is that, huh??)

Having little ones is a great kick in the butt to get festive and have fun with Holidays in general (even if only  Hallmark holidays). We are finishing up all of our Valentine's Crafts and getting ready for two Valentine's Day parties next week.
First, I'm hosting the Valentine's Day party at C's preschool - everything is planned/organized and purchased and now I just have to make food for 12 little ones next week-! Where did I find so many ideas and inspiration ?? I'll tell you. Like many parents, Pinterest!!

A's Kindergarten party is also next week, and although I can't attend (because I'll be at C's preschool party at the same time) I volunteered to bring in all of the paper plates/napkins for the class (easy-peasy enough completed by a quick Target run to grab supplies)

 At home we have been making some homemade Valentine's as well as a few DIY/Crafts. Being that I'm Pinterest obsessed, I figure it was the perfect opportunity for a Pinterest round-up! Below are just a taste of some fun holiday ideas, and the links provided below. There are soooo many more --
to see them all you may just want to follow me HERE on Pinterest!!!!

#1Valentine Branch Tree at The DIY Dreamer
#2 Pretty Simple Garland by Lemon Tree Dwelling 
#3 Heart Lunches by Lisa Storms
#4 Be My Valentine Cookies by Land O Lakes (bonus these are dye free!)

I think we will make a few more Valentine -ish crafts this weekend (and I'll blog about them next week!) 
but so far..

  • I made not one, but TWO of the Valentine Branch Trees (they were so simple/cute, I figured why the heck not?)

  •  I attempted to make the sweet garland yesterday but for some reason couldn't find doilies at Target.

  •  And I am making a similar version of the Heart lunches for the kids at C's presschool next week. Not sure which dessert though-yet!

*Side note*--this blog was written assuming you are equally an obsessed Pinterest person but if you have been living under a rock not heard of it and don't know what Pinterest is all about, I encourage you to check it out! It is essentially a "virtual pinboard" on which you can collect and share just about anything you view on the internet. Oh and, yes, it is addictive. ;)

So, do you get into Valentine's Day?  care to share your Pinterest finds for the week? Feel free to link up!!

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