Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Although, I don't really anticipate becoming a food blogger, you may see a recipe or two show up on here from time to time if they really hit the jackpot for me/us. So, I have to give a shout out from Budget Bytes for the lasagna rolls.

 First, let me tell you that I have two daughters (one of whom is notoriolusly picky) and although I had to make some changes to this recipe.. picky daughter loved it!! That is huge in my book is huge! It isn't necessarily the healthiest or the most nutritious, but anytime we get to sit down at the dinner table without whining/complaining/crying about something being too gross or disgusting is a success in my book. The recipe calls for spinach but my oldest daughter wont eat anything that is green, or even has a tiny bit of green in it ( with the exception of sweet peas and even then she swallows them whole so that she cannot taste them) so I had to omit the spinach from her portion. She is also not big on red sauce of any kind (marina, spaghetti, etc..) both of which this recipe calls for. But, it was easy enough to make one batch of filling for the rolls that was "spinach free" while the rest of us ate with spinach. Also, although I did still put marinara on all of them when it was time to bake for the sake of not drying the rolls out, it was easy enough to scrape off after they were out of the oven. The prep time was not too bad and it was only 30 minutes to bake.

 So, thank you again Budget Bytes for this great lasagna recipe. Picky kid (with adjustment) approved!

 p.s my husband liked them a lot too!

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