Wednesday, January 16, 2013

new year, new goals? or not. so. much.

OK now that we are a few weeks into the new year. Did you make a New Years Resolution? And if so, How have you fared thus far?

For me- I don't know if I like the word "resolution". It seems there is a lot of expectation involved in that word. But I did make a new year "goal". Mine is a goal that many people can relate to of course,  but I'll share anyway.

Live /eat more healthy!!
Yes, I love chocolate and sweets (and chips and carbs, and just food in general) and I tend to go overboard when I eat these things :) My goal is to become more concious of what I put into my body. To take a more thoughtful approach to my own diet. I would not mind shedding a few pounds either  (esp as we head into the scary bathing suit season) but that is not my main intent. Mostly I don't want to eat crap all day and feel sluggish. So, I've started this journey with a 30 green smoothie challenge. They are simple to make , an easy way for me to get in fruits/veggies (which I usually am not so great about doing) and I'm finding that I don't dread them either ! Heck, some of them are actually even kinda tasty and I feel like I'm getting a mid-day energy boost by drinking them at lunch. hehe :)

Wht is your GOAL for the new year?? (if you have one) please share by adding a comment. I'd love to hear!



  1. You know, this really is a great goal. This might be my next one. I'm very friendly with chocolate these days and I need to put some better stuff into my body too. Fab idea!

    Robin (Farewell Stranger)

    1. Thanks, Robin! Yes, I was skeptical to start..but I'm really enjoying this challenge so far!